Choice Hotels Get Wi-Fi Certified

Aerolina can help you navigate the process of getting Wi-Fi certified and maintaining your certification.  We have been working with Choice properties for twenty years, ensuring that you meet brand expectations and we will guide you through this new WiFi certification process.  Aerolina has partnered with two Choice approved qualified vendors (Air2Data and EthoStream) so we can guarantee that you are compliant with certification requirements.

To start the process, you will need to fill out the online survey provided to you at  Once you have completed the online survey, you will email is to  Once we receive your survey, we will prepare you with a custom quote and service agreement.

We still recommend that you take advantage of our FREE consultation, where we come to your property to determine the most effective and affordable method of implementing your

Symmetrical fiber optic broadband circuit

Service management agreement

Monthly WiFi capacity performance minimums monitoring

While we are on-site, we will answer all of your questions, specific to your property’s needs, consult you about your options and inform you on exactly what you need to be compliant.  Our process is easy and hassle free.  We do all the work for you.

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