Aerolina’s Hotel Wi-Fi Services

For Hotel Amenities, Hotel Wi-Fi is number one!  To many guests, hotel wi-fi services is more important than anything wi-fi_numberone_amenityelse. Your hotel wi-fi/wireless network must be capable of providing the bandwidth they demand.

Additionally, Aerolina believes in future-proofing our installations so that they meet the needs of your guests today and tomorrow. Whether you need a completely new installation or hotel wi-fi upgrade, Aerolina will provide you with latest technologies and reliable equipment. We can also provide you with a tiered bandwidth alternative usage and billing system, that can help offset your hotel wi-fi costs.

Investing in a robust Wi-Fi network will make your guests happy and create the ultimate guest experience. This not only leads to future visits but better reviews on TripAdvisor, Yelp and other travel-related sites.

Managing Your Network

Aerolina performs the arduous back-office tasks necessary to operate and manage your hotel high speed internet access including:

  • Monitoring
  • Authorization and Usage Tracking
  • SSL Certificates for Encrypting Information
  • Authentication
  • User Statistics

Our hotel wi-fi services and solutions simplify your operation by doing all the network management for you, so you can focus on your customer’s other needs. We offer options of wired and/or wireless service throughout meeting facilities, guestrooms, and common areas to fit your specific requirements; utilizing best-of-breed hardware and software to manage the entire service.

Hotel Wi-Fi Solutions incorporate Wired & Wireless Guestroom Access