Whether you’re looking to install a new wireless infrastructure or overhaul your current setup, our trained, engineers will customize a specific design, implement the solution on budget and on time and stay with you in the long run to support it.  From survey and design to installation and support, we’ve got you covered.


In order to successfully install a network infrastructure, everything must be carefully engineered and designed. Some of the questions we will ask include:

How far does a signal need to travel?

How many users will there be?

What speeds are you planning for?

What is the security requirement?

What is the density?

Many other questions go into the legwork of design and engineering, but if you’re planning to deploy a wireless network you need to engineer the network from the wired to the wireless.


Aerolina will work with you from the planning phase all the way through the installation process. We'll find the best place on your property for the installation of the wireless equipment to optimize the network.  Every site survey is unique and customized for each particular business.  In order to provide you with realistic and accurate pricing, we highly suggest our team to come survey your property which might be under construction or renovation.  There is no obligation when requesting a site survey for a new installation.

Technology is ever-evolving. Aerolina provides free system evaluations and recommends that your network be checked if your equipment was installed more than two years ago.  Aerolina can provide you an updated, custom solution utilizing the newest hardware, software and support capabilities.  There is no obligation when requesting a site survey for a system upgrade.


Our initial assessment will look at not only your current requirements but will also consider the future growth of your network and possible technology changes which would impact your network needs. We will consult you on your available options and manage expectations accordingly.


Our technicians will conduct a comprehensive site survey to accurately assess the layout and conditions impacting the environment. Factors such as structural layout of the facility, building materials, and coverage area issues are among the conditions that will be incorporated into the final design

Your WiFi connection is only as good as the infrastructure that supports it.  To create a reliable WiFi environment that guarantees full coverage and speedy connection, the access points must be carefully designed, installed, and configured. Our expert engineers will consider all factors that may affect the WiFi performance across your location.


Our capabilities allow us to perform many construction activities that may be required before a job begins. This includes installing telecommunications closets, core drilling, installing cable, rack installation, and mounting equipment. We will also work with your other contractors to create an installation plan to maximize efficiency and reduce your construction cost.


Our installation teams will work with you to guarantee the new Wi-Fi network is installed on time to meet your construction schedule. Whether it is a multi-phase installation, or done on a single visit, you can rest assured that the job will be done right. We always bench test the entire network prior to installation to make sure there are no equipment issues during the installation process.


Aerolina will test and document the network after installation. We can provide you with signal strength testing as art of the post installation certification process