We are proud to provide our clients with reliable and proven network technology. We utilize best-of-breed hardware and software and manage the entire service. Our expert knowledge enables us to engineer, install and support network solutions that fulfill brand requirements, support mission critical services, easily integrate with 3rd party applications, like eStreamTV and most importantly… ensure user satisfaction.

We've been providing High Speed Internet Access solutions in the Hospitality Industry for 20 years. We understand what your overall requirements are, and we deliver network solutions that exceed your brand standards and guest expectations.


Aerolina can help you provide people with a Wi-Fi service they want, where they want it.

Municipal broadband offers a number of advantages to consumers and to the economy.  It is usually a less expensive route than other current broadband service providers.  Municipal broadband not only provides high speed Internet access for free it also lowers prices, creates competition, and boosts economic development. These advantages help keep prices down and networks functioning efficiently. Not only does municipal broadband help public servants with their jobs, it also helps close the digital divide. Such services help bridge the gap by providing people with public access to the Internet. This allows low income families, travelers, and city officials to access important information without budgetary considerations in mind.

You can choose to offer the service for a fee or free of charge to your visitors.  We even have partners that can assist you with banding of the network.


Aerolina can install temporary Wi-Fi networks to cover a variety of events and venues.  Our temporary wireless solutions are optimized for events, trade shows, conferences, festivals, arenas, etc.  We deliver high-powered reliable solutions for your short term needs.  We back it all up with 24/7 customer and technical support.

From modest indoor conferences to expansive outdoor music halls, temporary wi-fi networks can be modified to meet the unique needs of any project by delivering flexible contracts, powerful connectivity and fast installation.

Our systems allow the deployment of indoor or outdoor Wi-Fi networks in days, not weeks.