Aerolina can help you provide people with a Wi-Fi service they want, where they want it.

Municipal broadband offers a number of advantages to consumers and to the economy.  It is usually a less expensive route than other current broadband service providers.  Municipal broadband not only provides high speed Internet access for free it also lowers prices, creates competition, and boosts economic development. These advantages help keep prices down and networks functioning efficiently. Not only does municipal broadband help public servants with their jobs, it also helps close the digital divide. Such services help bridge the gap by providing people with public access to the Internet. This allows low income families, travelers, and city officials to access important information without budgetary considerations in mind.

 You can choose to offer the service for a fee or free of charge to your visitors.  We even have partners that can assist you with banding of the network.

Some Of Our Community Projects...

"Aerolina has been a trusted partner for our WiFi installations in communities across the Southeast U.S. Be it a park, computer lab or school buses, Scott and the team at Aerolina take pride in their work. Their commitment to providing top- notch service is greatly appreciated. Scott is also a pleasure to work with and is kind and thoughtful."

Lilyn H



Rolling Study Hall School Bus Project

Aerolina partners with Google for the Rolling Study Hall School Bus Project in Berkeley County.  This project is funded by Google grants, Google's first of a kind in South Carolina and is leading the way in how we connect to the internet.   Google which operates a data center in Berkeley County, has invested $180,000 to equip 28 school buses with Wi-Fi to help students work on projects or finish homework during lengthy commutes. Aerolina was chosen as by Google as their technology partner to develop, install and maintain the 28-bus network


Charleston Free Wi-Fi Initiative

Thanks to a community grant from Google, the Charleston Free Wi-Fi initiative was launched in February 2012. The initial Wi-Fi deployment was Marion Square, a premier gathering place in Downtown Charleston, SC and venue for many notable annual events including Piccolo Spoleto, The Wine & Food festival and Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. Since this deployment, other public parks in North Charleston, West Ashley, Moncks Corner, and Downtown Charleston have been added with the generous financial support from civic minded businesses, public entities and foundations.  The initiative has grown to include over a dozen local parks.  Aerolina has been the technology solutions provider for the initiative Wi-Fi Installing all of the Wi-Fi networks and providing ongoing network monitoring and support.


Mt Pleasant Farmers Market

The Mount Pleasant Farmers Market is where our community meets to share in a vibrant array of locally grown and SC Certified produce. Stroll through the market to find a bounty of just-picked vegetables, fruits, and fragrant flowers along with local seafood, fresh-cooked meals, baked and canned goods, and locally produced snacks.  A free Wi-Fi network was installed to enhance the market experience and to support the local vendors.  Aerolina was selected by the Town of Mt Pleasant to install and run thir free Wi-Fi network


Summerville Free Wi-Fi

Residents, visitors and businesses can now take advantage of free Wi-Fi at another Lowcountry gathering place. Google and the Town of Summerville announced free Wi-Fi access at Hutchinson Square in the town's Historic Downtown. Laptop, tablet and handheld users can access the Internet 100% free of charge. Google provided a community grant to operate and maintain the Wi-Fi network. The free Wi-Fi network has been expanded twice to include even more of the downtown area including Richardson Ave and South Main.

Aerolina is proud to be the technology solutions provider chosen by Google to implement this project.


Douglasville Free Wi-Fi

Google partnered with the city of Douglasville to light up downtown Douglasville with free high-speed Internet. Google, a major employer, and the city will light up 60 acres of the downtown area with free Wi-Fi access. The area will include the downtown plaza, Hunter Park recreation center and athletic facilities, and the Jesse Davis recreation center and outdoor activity areas. City officials hope the free Wi-Fi access will drive commerce and foot traffic to the downtown area.

Aerolina was selected by Google to completely update the initial Wi-Fi installation and to monitor and maintain the extensive network moving forward.


Moncks Corner Free Wi-Fi

Residents, visitors, and businesses in Moncks Corner are able take advantage of free Wi-Fi at the ballpark due to a generous community grant provided by Google to operate and maintain the Wi-Fi network. For this project, Google has invested $60,000 in Moncks Corner's new Wi-Fi network which has been expanded to include the Youth Ball field complex and the farmers market area.

Aerolina worked with Google and the Town of Moncks Corner to design, install and maintain the system.


City of Beaufort Free Wi-Fi

The Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park is the City's most prominent park.  This park is in downtown Beaufort along the waters of the Beaufort River.  The multi-acre park provides a breathtaking view of the Beaufort River, the Woods Memorial Bridge, the western tip of Lady's Island, the eastern side of Port Royal Island and the northern tip of Parris Island. The city of Beaufort contracted with Aerolina to replace the aging Wi-Fi network that had serviced the park.  The entire park now has an updated high-speed wireless network serviced by two separate Internet connections and a series of wireless mesh radios.


Lenoir Historic Center Free Wi-Fi

Google funded a major overhaul of the free Wi-Fi network installed in the historic area of downtown Lenoir.  The network covers over 12 square blocks of town with free public Wi-Fi. Google has operated a Data Center in Lenoir since 2009 and has funded the downtown Wi-Fi project as one of their many community outreach initiatives.  Aerolina has maintained and managed the network in Lenoir for the past 2 years.


The Charleston County Aviation Authority

Aerolina was awarded the contract to install the initial wireless Internet network at Charleston International Airport in 2004. The airport project encompassed several different spectrums of service, including public access, high-speed Internet service as well as services for the airport and its concessions; baggage check would eventually benefit from using bar codes and wireless capability. Remote communications at the administrative desk of car rental companies would allow contact with the parking lot where the cars are kept.