New Wi-Fi Installations

Whether it is for new building construction, a new wireless network, or replacing an existing network, Aerolina will work with you from the planning phase through the installation process and support. We’ll find the best place on your property for the installation of the wireless equipment to optimize the network and to protect site aesthetics.

Every site survey is unique and customized for the needs of the client. We work with you during the site survey to develop a detailed installation and pricing proposal. There is no obligation when requesting a site survey for a new installation.

Initial Network Evaluation

Pre-Job Construction

Site Survey

Network Installation

Network Design

Post-Installation Testing

System Upgrades

Technology is ever changing. Aerolina provides free system evaluations and recommends a network review if your equipment is over two years old. Aerolina can provide an updated, custom solution using the latest hardware, software, and support capabilities. There is no obligation when requesting a site survey for a system upgrade.

Free Evaluation

Review Every 2 Years

Custom Solutions

Updated Hardware & Software

Monitoring, Maintenance, & Management

We offer 24/7 multi-tier support.

We have the ability to monitor every piece of equipment in your network 24/7 and dispatch a technician as necessary. Because of our proactive support structure, we often fix problems without you ever knowing they happened.

We offer flat rate support costs that are affordable. Even with our advance support offerings, we offer affordable agreements at or below our competitors.

Technology Consulting

New Technology Demonstrations

On-site Equipment Maintenance

ISP Monitoring & Fix Coordination

On-site Device & Equipment Monitoring

Hassle-free Equipment Management

Top Rated Customer Service

Aerolina has had the pleasure of partnering with municipalities, businesses, and community organizations throughout the Southeast to meet their Wi-Fi networking needs.

Aerolina is privileged to work with many technology industry leaders.  We leverage our technology partners’ engineering and product expertise to build and maintain world-class solutions for our clients.

Dedicated Customer Service Support Number

24/7/365 Access To Customer Service

Dedicated Support Representatives

Web-based Site Management

Web-based Password Management

Web-based Site Status