Bus & Transportation WiFi

Turn commute time into learning time.

While teachers increasingly assign schoolwork that requires access to the internet, millions of students lack connectivity at home. This ‘Homework Gap’ disproportionately impacts low-income students, especially in more remote or rural areas, where they face long bus commutes.

Providing students with dependable Wi-Fi before and after school is a boon for those who might lack broadband internet at home, giving them two opportunities daily to complete assignments or study for exams while on the bus.

Rolling Study Halls

Aerolina has installed Wi-Fi on buses for Google to support their rolling study Hall Initiative throughout the southeast.

By powering school buses with Wi-Fi, devices, and onboard educator support, Rolling Study Halls is helping students across the US—especially in rural communities—access more learning hours outside of school.

During the summer, the buses can be parked in low-service areas and used as hot spots to provide temporary Internet access for Park and Learn locations.

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